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Gardening Beneath a Falling Piano


"forever on the sea-pink brink of a cliff, or on the beach, waiting for the scarp to come down on top of you like a horrible pillow fight."

Pocket-sized, 28-page zine of poetry and collage. Published by the wonderful Kraków, Poland-based Bored Wolves. They say:

"Tenderly fatalistic collection of diurnal observations; snippets of days unfolding. Nap time. Deep time. The cosmic improbability of a couch. Staring off into space. Anchoring oneself to Earth through contact with earth and neighborly exchanges with caterpillars."

- Edition of 300

- 28pp, 12×17 cm, b&w offset, stapled

- Printed on Arctic Munken Print Cream 115

Also available directly from the publisher at this link.

Bored Wolves also sell through loads of amazing shops and distros throughout the world, so be sure to check out the list on their website to see where else the zine is available.

50% of the cover price from each zine bought from my shop will be donated to Medical Aid Palestine.