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Why is there more than one price on some of your zines?

This is to offer people the chance to pay what they feel they can afford for zines and books I publish myself. The lower prices roughly correspond to cost price (which is the price it costs to print the zine), a mid-point and the full price.

Why do you do this?

I think it's important to make this kind of work as available as possible, and I hope this goes some way towards that. I know postage is expensive and life is expensive too.

Can I really choose to pay less?

Yes! I won’t be at all upset.

Do you offer digital downloads?

Issues of Minor Leagues are available to buy as .pdf or .epub format. I wanted to make the work more available, and recognise that these days people sometimes like to read things digitally. Heck, we read, make and distribute digital work all the time. This FAQ you’re reading, for example.

How do I buy the digital versions?

Head to the ‘Minor Leagues Digital Editions’ item in the shop, and select the issues you’d like from the drop down menu, and add them to your cart. Once the payment has been processed, I’ll email you the files as soon as I can.

Why do you have to email me the files?

There are some very complicated rules around VAT in EU countries that make this the cheapest and simplest way of getting the digital zines to you.

How long will I have to wait to receive the files?

I’ll send them as soon as I see your email. Depending on time of day, night and time zones, it could be instantaneous, or it could take a couple of days. Pretend it’s like getting something in the post.