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WHERE? (signed copy)


“A fiercely intelligent and beautifully made book, built of many elements, held together by time-travelling love and careful witness. Totally unique. Work like this means the world to me.” - Max Porter

WHERE? is a work of creative non-fiction that combines prose, comics, photos, found archival text, drawings and more. It is about growing up in the countryside in the late 1980s and early 1990s, my Dad’s death in 2017, and the history of a big hill we lived beneath in south Shropshire, UK, called Titterstone Clee.

Originally serialised in four parts in my zine Minor Leagues as handmade zine/books, each over 100 pages in length, brimming with drawings, prose, paintings, found art and more.

Published as a single volume edition by Little Toller Books.

This is a signed copy.

“A magnificent book. The fusion of word and image; of grief and joy; the towering evocation of a very special part of Shropshire – it blew me away” - Mike Parker

"[in Where?, Moreton] connects trauma and loss to landscape and geography to stunning effect. Some of the best writing and art in my recent memory – absolutely haunting and essential." - Michael T Fournier, Razorcake Magazine

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